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School Supplies

The following items are required for all Parvati students and are available at the school:

  1. Student manual

  2. Assignment book

  3. Bhajan book

  4. Tie

  5. Badge

  6. Examination pad

  7. Student notebook

  8. Security Dues

  9. Report Folder

  10. Student Reports Printed (5 years)


​Parents will be required to purchase these items on the day of  registration.


The school uniform is available at:

  • Keith Khan Book sellers at #14 Navet Road, San Fernando (653-2665/657-0468), and

  • Jags Garment at #4 Lowkie Trace, Charlo Village, Penal (787-4278/778-1959). 

The PE Uniform consists of black track pants or joggers which can be purchased at any bookstore. Leggings and tights are NOT allowed. The PE t-shirt will be available at the school from September.

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