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Environmental Commitment

We recognise our responsibility to the natural environment and believe that school is an effective conduit for change.

PGHC is committed to promoting sustainability through a number of initiatives. 

World Environment Day

Parvati celebrates World Environment Day annually with activities designed around the United Nations Environment Theme. Competitions, events and displays raise awareness and inculcate positive behaviour among students that transfer to homes and communities.


In 2015, PGHC launched an “edu-tainment” board game developed by four teachers with funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), Small Grants Programme (SGP) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Players learn about the causes and effects of climate change and solutions in the context of Small Island Developing States, while navigating a board with a local flavour.

All profits are allocated to Environmental Education and Conservation.

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Parvati partners with the Environmental Management Authority to provide a recycling programme, significantly reducing waste generated. The installation of EMA iCARE bins allows for the daily collection of plastic and glass bottles, Tetra Pak cartons and aluminium cans which are sent off for recycling.

School Garden/Grow Box Club

Students develop an appreciation for agriculture and hone their entrepreneurial skills by planting crops which are then sold to the Home Economics lab and the Parvati community.

Filtered Water Dispenser

Students and staff have access to free filtered water from a reverse osmosis system. This has significantly reduced the consumption of bottled water, and waste generated from single-use plastic bottles.

Solar Panels

Three solar panels and three solar powered stills provide distilled water for Science practicals.



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