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Welcome to Form 6 Registration

Online Registration Process

To complete the online application process please click here

Please note the following when selecting subjects:

  1. CSEC Additional Mathematics is a pre-requisite for entrance into CAPE Pure Math.

  2. CSEC Principles of Accounting is a pre-requisite for entrance into CAPE Management of Business and Accounting

  3. CSEC Economics is a pre-requisite for CAPE Economics. In its absence, Principles of Business will be considered.

  4. CSEC Geography and one other science subject are pre-requisites for CAPE Environmental Science.

  5. CSEC Technical Drawing is a pre-requisite for Building and Mechanical Engineering Drawing (BMED).


1. Documents to be submitted:​​

  • A recommendation from your previous school (not applicable to students of Parvati Girls')

  • A copy of the Grade Slip

  • Copy of Birth Certificate​

2. The number of students per group will be limited by available space and facilities.

3. Entry requirements will be a full certificate, including English A and Mathematics. Students must be in possession of a combination of overall 5 grade 1s and 2s and GRADE ONES  in the subjects they wish to pursue at A’ Levels.

4. The following regulation, issued by the Ministry of Education, will govern both the criteria of selection of students to form 6 as well as the promotion of CAPE students from Lower 6 to Upper 6:

  • A minimum of 75% attendance at regular classes.

  • Diligent applications to study in all subject areas that you are pursuing.

  • A satisfactory level of achievement in your subject areas in the End of Term and End of Year Examinations and any other form of School Assessment.

  • Exemplary Discipline.

  • Adherence to SBA deadlines

  • Promotion to Upper 6 is not an automatic process and is determined by student’s performance in Lower 6.

  • Students must pursue a combination of THREE CORE SUBJECTS.

  • After selection and registration students will not be allowed to drop or change  subjects.          

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